The IPC® Student Profile

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The IPC student is expected to achieve a minimum standard in each of the six content learning areas. The IPC believes that children will develop at varying paces and therefore structures its learning objectives into three distinct levels.

Independent Thinkers
They are capable of developing independent thoughts, ideas and opinions and appreciate when collective thinking and sharing is required to achieve a desirable or beneficial outcome.

Team Workers
They work as a team and can lead as well as accept a leader in group activities. They understand that team work is sometimes required in order to achieve some tasks.

Through inquiry or instruction, they can appreciate and reflect on newly obtained knowledge.

They are capable of predicting an outcome for specific actions and explore the “what if’s?” They can make connections and correlations.

They are capable of communicating their ideas, needs and wants in an effective manner and understand when such communication is acceptable or necessary.

Social Carers
They strive to accommodate the social needs of others and share compassion, knowledge and friendship. They understand the boundaries of socially acceptable.

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