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Starting an IPC preschool is a seamless process that has seen more than 100 new locations since 2008. The IPC assists individuals and companies to establish schools of different sizes. Early childhood educational institutions in any country are capable of achieving IPC accreditation.

What Is IPC Affiliation?

Joining the IPC gives your school access to more than a dozen benefits ranging from business plan assistance to staff training. If you are looking to start an early childhood education center that adheres to international standards, please contact us.

IPC Benefits

There are numerous benefits of becoming an IPC School, from Design Services to Enrollment and Recruitment Assistance. Below is a detailed overview of some of our many benefits.

Director and Teacher Training
IPC School Manager
Curriculum and Learning Aides
Additional Benefits

Initial Services and Consultancy
Before you even have a school, the IPC is here to assist you. IPC Initial Services include feasibility studies, business plan customization, market research, site selection assistance, and much more, providing school owners with a short to medium-term plan for success.

With decades of experience in the field of early childhood education, the Executive Director of the IPC has assisted hundreds of preschools around the world to operate successfully. Whether a school owner is concerned about efficient operations, staff concerns, business profitability, or any other preschool business related issue, the IPC can assist through consulting service

Handbooks and Practical Guides

There are many financial, personal, safety, emotional, and health aspects involved in owning a school. The IPC provides a Franchise Handbook to each of its schools, which details what is needed to have and maintain a successful school. The IPC also has developed guides to assist in the administrative aspect of school ownership, such as an enrollment or disaster management guide. Additionally, the IPC provides templates of forms such as immunization or field trip forms to ease preschool operations.

The IPC Handbook features over 500 pages of valuable information for any preschool.

Branding and Design
Branding and design are integral to a preschool’s reputation, as printed materials such as flyers and posters are often a parent’s first impression of a school. IPC’s graphic design and branding experts take pride in working with you to create a corporate yet creative logo and variety of branded materials that reflect the quality of your school and spark brand recognition and trust among those in your community

Ready to get started? Click the start now button to start taking your first steps to becoming an IPC school.

Marketing and Public Relations

An integral aspect of having a leading preschool is ensuring that the community knows about your school. Though you might have the best school in the country, without effective marketing and public relations, enrollments may not reflect the quality of your institution. A dedicated IPC marketing and PR manager will be assigned to your school and will work with you in a variety of different ways, including marketing strategies, press releases, and more, to raise the profile of your school locally.

Director and Teacher Training

Best practices in early childhood education are constantly being updated. Educators who are trained in these best practices are integral to a leading preschool. Through the College of Teaching, IPC offers a variety of courses developed by an ex­teaching fellow of Harvard University, for preschool directors and teachers to ensure that IPC students are being educated by only the most professional and informed.

IPC School Manager Software™
Many find themselves overwhelmed with the many aspects of running a school. For that reason, IPC has developed IPC School Manager, a cloud­based software program that serves as a database for student information, a download center for educational materials, a school store, and much more.

Curriculum and Learning Aides

No more having a teacher draft your curriculum and trying to come up with rationale and supporting research to align your teachings to national standards, we have done it for you! The IPC Infant and Toddler, along with the IPC Preschool Curriculum, meets or exceeds many of the strictest national standards, including those of Singapore and the United States, among many others. Our curriculums are full of activites and our preschool curriculum provides many of the learning aides needed to make learning more enjoyable and fun, all available at the click of a download button on School Manager.

Additional Benefits

From access to hundreds of worksheets in various languages, 3Dimensional designs and layouts of your preschool, to our proprietary Phonics Program, Robin Phonics, there are so many benefits to becoming an IPC School.

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