IPC Academic Research
The IPC is a research-based curriculum. The research that the IPC curriculum programs are based on is the product of collaborations between academics, governments and teachers to ensure high early childhood education standards that can be aligned with national and accreditation agency standards. The curriculum research is currently summarized in literacy reviews that correlate with the six content learning areas of the IPC.

Why We Conduct Research
In the IPC’s initial stages of research, our academic team created the IPC Core Content Learning Areas, six learning areas essential to the complete development of infants, toddlers, and preschool aged students. This research was then organized into Literacy Reviews, which can be accessed at anytime. All IPC research is peer reviewed by a team of early childhood education concentrated academics.

Our academics then use this research to develop thematic unit activities, including materials, rationale, and objectives for each activity. Each activity and its components then undergo an editorial review process prior to being published. Once published, each unit of the curriculum undergoes period relevancy updates to ensure that any changes or new developments in early childhood education are incorporated.

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