Our Second Edition
Preschool Curriculum

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21 Thematic Units full of fun and enriching activities that your teachers and students will love. Each thematic unit comes complete with several resources, available in print or downloadable via our School Manager software system.

Available in English, Chinese and French

Every thematic unit is designed by our IPC Studio Team. Each unit comes in a separate book, with full spread activities, along with easy to follow instructions and a material list for each activity.

Developed by the IPC Academic Team, each thematic unit of the IPC Preschool Curriculum covers the IPC’s 6 Core Content Learning Areas. Click the Learn More button to learn more about our Core Content Learning Areas.

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Ready to get started? Click the start now button to start taking your first steps to becoming an IPC school.

Flash Cards to Worksheets to Everything in Between.
Gone are the days of cutting out images and gluing them to index cards.

IPC Classroom Resources will save your teachers time and your preschool money. With access to thousands of learning materials and worksheets, your teachers no longer have to create and design their own learning materials at the expense of the school. Available in print or downloadable versions, IPC schools receive high quality resources to make learning more effective and enjoyable.

Keeping Parents Up-To-Date.
Every thematic unit comes with a corresponding Parent Newsletter. These are designed to inform parents of what is being taught in the classroom and feature several activities intended to continue learning at home and on the go.

How Do You Assess Your Students?
Each of our preschool units come complete with individual Student Assessment Guides. This allows for easy student tracking and grading, making it easy for teachers to ensure that all students are successfully completing the learning objectives and are not falling behind.

All assessment guides have an easy to follow assessment scale, along with plenty of space for teachers to make various notes, including areas of improvements for a student.

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