The IPC Core Content Learning Areas
Learn how each learning area plays an integral part in developing a well rounded child.

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The Six Core Content Learning Areas.

Language Arts
This core content learning area covers areas of linguistic development, comprehension skills and language, including second and multiple languages.The IPC has also developed a phonics program in collaboration with IPC Academic Team member, Dr. Erika Burton, who has a background in early childhood language development.

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Social and emotional skills are crucial aspects of interpersonal development. The IPC aims to harness individual characteristics while reinforcing positive actions that can improve confidence, leadership, team involvement and self-reflection. The IPC has developed and embedded activities throughout its programs that prompt learners to interact, think and reflect with an objective of providing a well-rounded child that is fully prepared for life ahead.

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Aligned to supersede some of the highest established national standards in Math, the IPC meets or exceeds the national requirements of (1) The US Common Core (2) Singapore (3) UK EYFS.
Numeracy incorporates sequential patterning, geometry, basic algebra and problem solving.

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Creative Arts
What some children view as fun can be serious learning. We promote this through many avenues of art, from your fine arts (painting, coloring, molding) to music and role-playing. Creative Arts is the greatest area for children to start developing their imagination.

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Ranging from mechanics and physics to biology and environmental science, the IPC’s programs are packed with deeply enriching science experiments, field trips and inquiry based activities.
The IPC believes that science and math are among the most underdeveloped content areas in education today. For that reason, we have ensured that our rigorous program supersedes the standards set by leading national systems including the US, UK and Singapore.

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Motor Skills
Motor skills are broken into two categories, fine and gross. Fine Motor Skills include cutting, finger painting, and hand control. Gross Motor Skills range from balancing to team play. The IPC also believes that play-based activities are often the most exciting method in achieving a learning objective, and is therefore among the most effective. We have incorporated play-based learning into all of our programs.

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