The IPC Academic Team

The IPC seeks out the best and brightest minds in early childhood education to be a part of the IPC Academic Team.

Our Current Academic Team
The IPC was devised and developed by a team of experienced early childhood educators and academics. The following curricula developers currently oversee our curriculum development

Professor Donna Skinner, Ph.D
Professor Skinner has over 20 years of experience in the field of education – as a private school owner specializing in meeting the individual needs of students, as an educational consultant assisting schools in improving their quality of education and as a professor to postgraduate students pursuing Masters in Education programs.

Dr. Rebecca J. Reynolds, Ed.D
Dr. Reynolds has dedicated her professional career to early childhood education and has been involved with various forms of curricula development and teaching for more than twenty years. Dr. Reynolds has an interest in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and continues to conduct and publish research in the field. She also works directly with the Head Start Program in Illinois as a consultant.

Dr. Erika Burton, Ph.D
Dr. Burton has pursued a passion for early literacy. Dr. Burton’s focus on literacy culminated in the publication of a literacy-based curriculum that focuses on phonics, sight words and early reading. Prior to pursuing her doctorate degree in Education, Dr. Burton was an elementary school teacher and an assistant principal.