A Brief History of the IPC.
The IPC was founded to harmonize international early childhood education standards and provide a means by which families, teachers and community stakeholders around the world can benefit from world class educational training, materials and supervisory oversight. The IPC is available to qualifying schools who are capable of meeting stringent accreditation criteria that is reflective of best practices in some countries.

Education for the World.

IPC Slogan

The IPC Today.
There are more than 120 authorized IPC locations on 6 continents. The IPC offers two programs for school boards and owners. A franchise program is available to start up projects and a license program is available to established schools. The IPC trains over 500 teachers per year and regularly presents at global education conferences on current educational matters. With its own design studio and printing house, the IPC has several thousand resources ranging from phonics books to classroom wall cards. All IPC related content is available to every authorized IPC location.

The IPC Mission
It is the mission of IPC to raise the standard in preschool education and introduce children, parents and teachers to global perspectives with the intention of establishing cultural harmony through progressive education.

What Exactly is the IPC?The International Preschool Curriculum is an international early childhood education company, catering not only to school owners, but also to governments, teachers and parents alike from around the globe.

The IPC offers a range of products and services, from Business to Academics.

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IPC Founder and Executive Director
Peter de Beer

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Meet Our Managerial Team

Clarissa Davy
Client Relationship Manager

Patricia Goodwin
Creative Director

Moya Bailey
Marketing Director

Meet Our Academic Team

Professor Donna Skinner

Rebecca Reynolds E.d.D

Erika Burton P.h.D

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Our Offices

Our corporate offices and studio office are both located in the USA Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our corporate office is where all the business takes place, while our studio is our Creative Hub. The studio houses our Marketing and PR Team along with our Design Team. Creativity and strong imagination inspire many of the materials and services offered by the IPC.